Important Tips to Remember When Designing Efficient and Eye-Catching Porches

Imagine walking outside on cool summer nights to enjoy your brand new, beautiful porch. Everyday, more and more people are discovering the joys of outdoor living and entertaining. With a multitude of porch designs to suit any family, Archadeck can help you achieve your vision of a functional and brilliant porch.

When thinking about designing any outdoor space, consider how you’ll use it. Will you be grilling constantly? Entertaining for large groups of people or just a few close friends? Using it as an oasis and area of escape from your hectic life? These decisions have profound impacts on porch designs, affecting everything from size and style to decor and placement.

Planning Your Porch

Never underestimate the value of a good plan. Keep these basic tips in mind:

  • Consider the primary usage of the space then design accordingly
  • Don’t forget about the basics such as lighting and functionality.
  • Make sure you approve any design before starting construction. Don’t build something you are not going to love!

After you’ve mulled these factors over, start digging into the exciting world of outdoor living that a truly wonderful porch provides. If you’re thinking of making your porch an outdoor entertainment mecca, you might consider adding more floor space, seating, and lighting for an outdoor living room feel. If it’s relaxation you’re after, then you might consider larger and cushy seating, soft lighting, and a less obstructed view of the stars.

Privacy elements are a valuable addition to porch designs as well. Something as simple as a railing or covering can add a cozy and private atmosphere. There’s nothing worse than having to sneak around in your own backyard! These fixtures can also help to reduce heating and cooling costs as well as boost the overall value of your home.

Porch Designs and You

Here are some easy tips to remember for the design process:

  • Design a porch around you and not the backyard. Make sure you’ll enjoy using it frequently.
  • Remember that this is an outdoor space and your fixtures should reflect that. Buy fabrics and decor that can withstand weather of all types.
  • There is no wrong style. Try and stay open to new ideas and pick the design that you truly love.

With your personal input and Archadeck’s commitment to giving you everything you want, you too can have the perfect porch for your home. So, don’t delay. Call the craftsman at Archadeck and get your dream porch today!

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