How a Reputable Deck Company Can Transform any Outdoor Space into a Relaxation Haven

Kathy Renwald’s recent feature article in the Star recounts the story of a Canadian couple who was unsatisfied with their garden even though it was filled with beautiful dogwood flowers and waterfall cascades that poured into a deep pool. Apparently one of them recently completed a yoga teacher-training course and determined their backyard was not ideal for yoga. Fortunately, their furniture design background allowed the couple to come up with a suitable deck design that was perfect for yoga.

The couple browsed through several magazines and websites to gather deck design ideas, always keeping in mind that they wanted a deck that would complement their garden and not overshadow it. Unfortunately, unlike this creative couple, most homeowners don’t have such a highly developed eye for design and style. Less creative homeowners that want to convert their deck into a veritable haven for relaxation can turn to a knowledgeable and reliable deck company that boasts several years of experience in the deck construction industry. Continue reading

Fabulous Deck Ideas for the Style-Savvy and Cost-Conscious Homeowner

A recent article details just how complex and time-consuming a typical deck renewal project can end up being. Most remodeling contractors have to deal with decks that were built during the 1970s and have experienced considerable wear and tear over the past few decades. If you’re in the process of planning a deck renewal project, why not consider new creative deck ideas that combine durable wood and composite polyvinyl chloride (PVC)?

Besides your choice of deck design and material, you will also need to consider the matter of building code compliance. In fact, some deck builders report that at least 60% of the jobs they take on involve replacing decks in accordance with new building requirements. Fortunately, there are many trusted deck construction companies like Archadeck that offer a wide variety of reasonably priced and durable deck options. All of their decks will last for a long time and comply with current municipal building codes. Continue reading

Hassle-Free Deck Building: Factors Every Homeowner Should Consider

Discerning homeowners who wish to create more opportunities for entertainment and recreation see the value in extending their living spaces. For example, one can build a patio, porch, sunroom, or deck, depending on the prevailing terrain and one’s personal preferences. When constructed properly, these outdoor living spaces will not only enhance curb appeal, but they will also boost property resale value. Continue reading

Let There be Light: Stylish Sunroom Additions Can Be Good for Your Health and Productivity

Ginger Klein’s August 6, 2013, article for the Colorado Gazette reports on the studies of Oxford University neuroscientist Russell Foster related to sunlight and its effects on the body. According to Foster’s study, sunlight can boost one’s mood, enhance productivity, and even regulate your body’s internal clock. Foster recommends daily exposure to sunlight to maintain good health. Continue reading

Glamping: How the Right Patio Designs Can Give You a Vacation in Your Own Backyard

Camping has taken on a luxurious dimension in New York City where customers can book outdoor bedrooms complete with queen-size beds, flat screen TVs, and champagne in high-end locales. Deepti Hajela reports in an article published in about the growing trend of “glamping” (glamour + camping) that allows people to camp on patios or terraces of luxury hotels and condos, while still receiving 5-star accommodations. The incredible experience comes at a high price tag, so it is not surprising that is mostly available to affluent clients. Continue reading

Building Better Outdoor Kitchens for More Memorable Home Entertaining provides helpful tips on how to effectively design an outdoor kitchen. Taking tips from popular website, this article focuses on how to arrange certain design elements to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency during and after food preparation. These tips include building the outdoor kitchen adjacent to the indoor kitchen, adding a bar top, and having comfortable and inviting furniture close by. A well-designed outdoor kitchen can create memorable parties and prevent accidents that you wish you could forget. Continue reading

Reputable Deck Builders Offer Beautiful, High-Return Home Improvements

According to an Associated Press article published in The Washington Post, improving real estate market conditions are encouraging more people to remodel their homes. This observation is based on a report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. It predicts that home improvement expenditures will jump by as much as 20% during the fourth quarter of 2013. The article also cautions homeowners to prioritize their remodeling projects carefully to avoid making costly mistakes. Continue reading

Screened-In Porch Designs Allow You to Keep out Giant Mosquitoes reported back in June that swarms of gallinippers, a species of mosquito 20 times the girth of the average mosquito, have landed in Seminole County, Florida, in a plague-like fashion. Officials confirmed the infestation following forecasts from entomologists at the University of Florida last March. A local resident claimed to have seen the huge pesky pest on their porch and called the Seminole County Health Department. Despite remedial measures like pre-treatment spraying, it won’t be surprising if the rest of Florida soon becomes victim to the giant mosquito threat. Continue reading