Archadeck and Eze Breeze enclosures give you a breath of fresh air without the headaches

TimberTech Screened porch with EZ Breeze windows and Pergola

TimberTech Screened porch with and Eze Breeze system and Pergola by Archadeck

We’ve all been there. We eagerly await going out on the screen porch for some morning coffee or to do our daily crossword puzzle or relax for a few minutes and grab the sports scores or weather before heading out for the day. Only some days, mother nature puts a damper on those plans. Maybe you live down south and are greeted with a yellow covering of dust all over everything. Maybe it rained last night and there’s a faint moistness to your fabric-covered chairs. Maybe it’s just too darn cold out there.

There is a way to “convert” your screen porch without having to sink a fortune into windows.

There is a company called Eze Breeze that has a convertible enclosure system allowing you to convert your screen porch into more of a multi-season room. These screens can add protection from temperature as well as the elements.

We have been using this system for homeowners who want to get access more time on their screened porch. Eze Breeze systems are easy on the eye and on your wallet in terms of adding more seasons that you can spend on your porch.

Extending the time frame for use in your screened porch is not the only reason many homeowners are using the Eze Breeze system, other factors are influencing their decision as well. Let’s face it, sometimes you want the freedom of the screen but you don’t want the negative things that can still get through that screen. Screens keep out the insects and the harmful direct rays from the sun but pollen still comes through a screen, as does the wind, some the rain and the cold. Eze Breeze makes it possible to enjoy your porch without those negative factors getting in the way of your enjoyment. When the weather turns cold, you can also add the use of a space heater within your porch with Eze Breeze and turn your structure into a 3-season  outdoor living room as well. The beauty is that anytime you want to take advantage of the favorable weather or an unobstructed view, this system can be slid out-of-the-way either horizontally or vertically, depending on which system you have,  to get you back to the very reason you wanted a screened porch in the first place – to be closer to mother nature and take advantage of all that fresh air.

Our Archadeck location in Charlotte sums it up in this short clip about the Eze Breeze system :

PGT Fist shot for web

Eze Breeze is strong and durable.

Eze Breeze enclosures are easy and affordable, here’s how they work- the system is made from 10-mil vinyl glazing that gives you the same clarity of glass. This innovative material is not susceptible to cracking or breaking and with many mishaps will return to its original shape within minutes. The enclosures can be installed either horizontally or vertically and the panels can be slid out-of-the-way to obtain a unobstructed view and take advantage of the “feel” of nature. Eze Breeze presents homeowners with a win/win answer to having your cake and eating it too!

Contact Archadeck to learn more about Eze Breeze enclosures and start maximizing your outdoor structures function and beauty. If you are interested in turning your outdoor structure into a safe haven from the elements, the insects and the pollen and don’t want the expense or building constrictions that are present with glass, contact Archadeck today 888.687.3325 or 804.353.6999 •

A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes…

I think it was Snow White who originally coined the term ” A dream is a wish your heart makes”, we all have our list of dreams that come with wanting to improve upon our home and the area around it. These wants don’t have to be put on the back burner, even if you are on a budget. Here at Archadeck we can work along with you to help you plan, design and construct these wants in what we call phased building. The key is you can reach your goal by taking baby steps instead of leaping in head first.

Charlotte pergola swing on composite deck

We can design a plan around your needs, wants and budget to make room for additions in the future. For example, let’s say the big picture is a lush, romantic backyard with a gazebo, pergola, layers of cottage style landscaping and a relaxing swing attached to “somewhere out there”. We can start with either the largest expense first or the smallest expense first and leave room in the meantime to add structures or details when you are ready. In this example we would suggest a pergola swing. Which would key in on two items on this particular example. Incorporating the swing and the pergola in the same structure. Pergola swings are a growing trend and are in all the lawn and garden magazines. This structure would be an ideal starting point to help you reach your goal.

Archadeck Pergola Swing

Pergola swings serve as not only an inviting area to gather and relax they can also be a good area to get in out of the sun. Their designs can be customized to suit any taste and they add romance to any backyard setting. We discourage the use of pre-fabricated pergola swings. Pre-fabricated structures usually don’t stay with you for the long haul, and what looks good on the box or in an advertisement can be very disappointing when you get it home. Leave the important stuff to us, we offer affordability, style and quality construction in everything we build. In most cases a custom-built pergola swing structure can be built to last by a professional for close to same amount a pre-fab structure would cost. Remember. a good builder will work with you to tailor a phased plan to meet your needs.

Pergola swing by Archadeck of Fort Worth

Go ahead, plan your dreams and build your backyard the way you have always wanted. Archadeck is with you every beautiful step of the way. Give us call to see just how easy it can be.


How to Increase Home Value

In this market, it can seem impossible to sell your house. There are so many home improvement projects you can do to raise your home value, but which ones help the most? The last thing you need to do at this point is waste your time on projects that only garner a small amount of home value.

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Remodeling Magazine has been conducting annual surveys of the most cost-effective home improvements since 1987. In 2007, the winner for a mid-range home was a wooden deck. Homeowners who had a 16 by 20 foot pressure treated deck installed recouped an average of 85.4 percent of cost of the project.

Similarly, patios, porches, and other outdoor areas have a high return on investment, as well. To explore these options and raise your home value, take a look at the Archadeck website.